Keep this in mind

There are times when I'm journaling many times a day because I'm inspired and I feel great. Other times, once every few days (or weeks) is all I want to do.

I live with an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, that constantly reminds me to consider my time, energy levels, physical abilities, mental health, and emotional bandwidth when it comes to doing anything.

To clarify, when I say "many times a day" it doesn't mean I'm always creating and completing several pages.

Sometimes I do, but more often I'm making some backgrounds, then I do something else while they dry.

Then later in the day (or on a different day or week), I may search through a magazine to find some images. Even later, I may feel the need to write or make marks in my journal. 

Sometimes working in my journal is a break for me, and other times I need to take breaks from working and playing in it. 

I try not to make myself feel any guilt for either option. Guilt and shame are not fabulous motivators for me (are they for anyone, really?). But sometimes they sneak up and harass me into action. And it's never ideal and it tends to only lead to resentment on my part. 

I encourage you to tune into how you're feeling and honour where you are. Always.

I'm not handing out any gold stars if you've journaled every day (sorry to disappoint). I'm also not going to chastise you if you don't use your journal as often as you had hoped. 

Use our time together to experiment, be curious and explore your thoughts and feelings in this creative way.

Allow yourself to be delighted by your discoveries. 

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